Program “ENTAXIS”

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Program "ENTAXIS" (Integration)

Of the total amount of 119,300 recognized refugees in Greece, the total number of who that are employed officially and have legal contracts is only 4,772. It's a percentage that does not exceed 4% in a total. Our goal is to reach at least 20%, so that the recognized refugees to integrate into Greek society and have the opportunity to continue their lives with dignity in Greece.

"Nestoras" Solidarity Center will soon take initiatives so as to help those who have been recognized as refugees and been withdrawn from the aid programs.

The purpose of this continuous program is the integration in the Greek society of the beneficiaries of international protection, through:

• integration courses (Greek language, specialization in work areas, skills, etc.) and practical training

• promotion in the labor market, through companies that are expressing their intention to absorb them

We start as a pilot program from the region of Arcadia, in a hotel with a capacity of 40 people, recognized refugees, who will be hosted for 6 months to learn Greek and be prepared for the labor market in certain sectors according to the demand that already exists from entrepreneurs in the wider region with whom we are in close contact. Beside the courses that aims to the knowledge of the language, the history of the place, the elements of the labor law, there will be developed also skills and practical training in the places that are going to work after the preparation.

For the financing of this program we will address in every direction, public and private bodies.

Costs: The total cost of the program for one semester amounts to 290,000€. That is 40€ / refugee* 

And includes: feeding and housing practical and theoretical training, on-site transportation, training materials, utility bills, nutritionist, lawyer, cooks, interpreters, insurance, night security and etc. Management costs