Our Means

The means to accomplish our goal include the following:

A. Hard copy , electronic and audiovisual material relevant with the individual activities of the basic purpose of the Company.

B. Preparation of agreement and contracts with its members, third parties, local and international associations, organizations and institutions,public sector and quasi- public sector,local authorities, university institutions, non- governmental organizations, associations and other social, public or private sectors and legal persons, with relevant objects of activity.

C. Organizing conferences, seminars and other relevant events.

D) Development of educational programs and issuance of educational aids in order to support the teaching of the Greek language ,training , counseling and interpretation.

E) Ensuring and organizing appropriate hosting structures.

F) Creating social alliance and organizing a network of volunteers for awareness and briefing for the immigrant matter and existing policies.

G) Creation and management of a website and database and the dissemination of the purpose and the actions of the Company and immigrant phenomenon.

H) Establishing special study and research groups and working groups.

The accomplishment of the Company goals will be subject to the following basic principles:

a) full respect of human rights, regardless ethnicity, gender, religion, belief, nationality, country of origin, 

b) Social equality and accessibility, 

c)in order to achieve its goals the participation and involvement of legal and natural persons with proven relevant experience



Encouraging new entrepreneurs and helping local businesses to grow through mentorship, training, technical support.


Establishing specific education programs for children to learn languages, activities and growing their knowledge to meet the Greek school requirements


Ensuring people have and can maintain good credit, and that they have an understanding of more advanced concepts of their rights.

Supporting Women & Kids

Providing women with equitable access to information, skills training and markets so that they can meet their basic needs and generate income and assets.